Scan & Detect Deepfake Videos

Deepware Scanner is designed to scan media files to detect purposeful and misleading alterations. It’s an easy and accessible way for everyone to resolve the dilemma regarding the integrity of the suspicious video.

Cybersecurity faces an emerging threat generally known as deepfakes. Malicious uses of AI-generated synthetic media, the most powerful cyber-weapon in history, is just around the corner.

Deepware Scanner is designed to detect manipulation in the video representation of people

Deepfakes are realistic AI-generated videos that show real people doing and saying fictional things. Such aggregations are extremely difficult for humans to detect, and we can be easily manipulated to believe that something fake is real. Deepware Scanner resolves a dilemma in the reality of media content. It is designed to analyze media files, scanning for AI-generated media alterations and other types of audio-visual manipulation with malicious intent of financial, social, or political gain.

Threat Analysis & Research

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Microsoft And Banks Not Unwinding Against Deepfake During Pandemic

Less than two months before the US Presidential Election, Microsoft announced the launch of two different deepfake detection systems. As the restriction of physical contact in the pandemic and impersonation with deepfake content increased the risk of cyber fraud, global financial institutions accelerated their investments in new digital authentication technology.

Is it possible that we cannot distinguish between human employees?

Are deepfake technologies a start in the digital transformation process that makes us accustomed to human-looking artificial intelligence online? If the Neuralink project succeeds in integrating ai with the human brain, would human-looking robots become able to take place and play a role in the emotional economy dimension of business life? Can human beings adapt to the digital evolution theory to protect and improve their economic level?

Can online companies survive the pandemic crisis with deepfake employees?

Projects such as Neuralink, which aim to strengthen the interaction between the human brain and AI, will enable “Online human resource with a digital body equipped with AI of which lack of emotional intelligence is eliminated” when deepfake technologies are integrated. Online companies will look for a way out of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic in this “non-human” human resource.

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